At Chicagoland Raceway – we feature two custom built 8 lane commercial tracks, both custom built by owner and multiple time professional champion racer Mike Swiss.

The King Track

The King Track – Is a high speed banked road course. This track design is popular all over the world, and is the accepted “standard” track for wing car racing, besides many other classes of slot car racing.

The track is 155′ in lap length, and power is provided by a bank of custom built power supplies and batteries.  Lap timing, counting, and race management is handled by the SRT computerized race management system.

The King Track features “soft wall technology” – an innovation pioneered by Mike Swiss – soft rubbery track border walls which greatly reduce damage to slot cars – even in the event of hard crashes.

This track was built in 2005 and hosted the 2006 USRA Div 1 Wing Car National Championships, as well as numerous other large slot car events.

The Fiedler Flat Track

The Fiedler Flat Track – is a challenging flat road course designed and built by Mike Swiss in 2007. The track has been renamed in honor of close friend and slot car racer “Sano” Dave Fiedler, who lost his battle with cancer in 2015.

The track has a unique feature – a rotating track section that allows switching from a short straight section to a series of  squiggely “esses” – providing an added variety to the race course. The track section can be unplugged and flipped over in just a few minutes.

This track is a favorite for a wide variety of race classes, from hard body stock cars, to “Hot Rods”, to Retro Racing classes.

The Fiedler Flat Track also features “soft wall technology” and is powered by custom built power supplies, with the SRT computerized race management system.

The 2 tracks offer 16 lanes of racing, providing two challenging race courses, for a wide variety of slot car classes – and for racers ranging from beginner to the seasoned pro.

The Hot Wheels Track

Chicagoland Hot-Wheels TrackThe Hot Wheels track is 24′ long with 4 lanes. Very popular especially especially for the kids as another fun activity besides the slot car racing while at birthday parties, between races, or just racing Hot Wheels.